WINEDEER™ are the perfect wine lovers Christmas gift. A personalized wine bottle tag, Christmas table place marker and Christmas wine ornament. Collect all your favorites every year. New designs released throughout the year. Each unique Winedeer™ ornament is created with a smile and usually while sharing a  great bottle of wine... or two.



  • Every Winedeer is adorned with over 50 individual parts as well as undergoing over 72 intricate steps before becoming the cutest ornament ever.
  • Each Winedeer is dressed in a wide array of colors, fabrics, beads and corks  Antlers are topped with our signature jingle bells that bring a smile to all. 
  •  A shiny metallic neck piece to personalize adorns his freely moving neck. 
  • Winedeer make not only special ornaments and Christmas gifts, but wonderful freestanding place markers/gifts for your Holiday dinners. 
  • Pose the head, antlers and tail to suit your fancy.  They are so well made... they are built to last and cherish for many years to come.
  • What a perfect corporate gift.  Send a special holiday greeting to all your employees and clients to make a lasting impression.  Personalized ornaments show that you went the extra mile. 
  • Use them to mark seating arrangements at your company's next holiday dinner and send everyone home with theirs as your special gift. 

    Make sure to check out our Winedeer,Very Merry Moose, and Wedding Winedeer at our online store.

     Single item orders are as little as $3.95 to ship.

 Now Manufacturing  Bordeaux Bears Collection, Champagne Snowmen,with Skis or Snowboards.

Winedeer TM ,Very Merry Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Zinful Zebra's ,and  Winedeer TM Giraffe's are  Now available  on skis.


A Mass of Very Merry Moose and Bighorn Sheep 
Ready to be boxed for one of our Retailers



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